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Zhejiang Jiande Longhua Plastic Chemical Co., ltd.

Add: 8# Zhenxing road, Datong Industrial Park, Jiande city, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China

Zip code: 311614

Tel: +86-571-58319696

Fax: +86-571-64571838

E-mail: sales@jdlhsh.com

Url: www.ciscoasa.com

Food additive calcium carbonate


Low iron/food additive calcium carbonate

Standard: GB 1898-2007

Production license: Zhejiang XK13-217-01378

Specification: 600mesh, 800mesh, 1250mesh, 1500mesh, etc.

Applications :

Our food grade calcium carbonate can be used as flour treatment agent, leavening agent, stabilizer and processing aid in food industry.可According to the different needs of customers, we can produce different types of products.

Technical Index:

No. Item Technical Requirements
1 Mass fraction of Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) (dry)/% 98.0-100.5
2 Mass fraction of Hydrochloric acid insolubles/% ≤0.20
3 Mass fraction of free alkali/% Qualified
4 Mass fraction of alkali metal and magnesium/% ≤1.0
5 Mass fraction of Ba/% ≤0.030
6 Mass fraction of Arsenic (As)/% ≤0.0003
7 Mass fraction of Loss on drying/% ≤2.0
8 Mass fraction of F/% ≤0.005
9 Mass fraction of Pb/% ≤0.0003
10 Mass fraction of Hg/% ≤0.0001
11 Mass fraction of Cd/% ≤0.0002
12 Mass fraction of Fe/% ≤0.003
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