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                Into Longhua

                Contact us

                Zhejiang Jiande Longhua Plastic Chemical Co., ltd.

                Add: 8# Zhenxing road, Datong Industrial Park, Jiande city, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China

                Zip code: 311614

                Tel: +86-571-58319696

                Fax: +86-571-64571838

                E-mail: sales@jdlhsh.com

                Url: www.ciscoasa.com

                In 1984, our company was established

                In 2000, we restructured into a joint-stock Co., Ltd.

                In 2002, our company was awarded "honest company" by local government

                In 2004, we got the certification of ISO9001 quality management system

                In 2006, we got the certification of ISO14001 EMS

                In 2008, our company was named " AA grade enterprise in the integrity assessment of corporation"

                In 2011, we became a high-tech enterprise of Jiande city

                In 2012, we became a high-tech enterprise of Hangzhou city

                In 2013, we became a technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province, the growing SME of Zhejiang Province, Class A credit "Credible unit" among industrial and commercial enterprises of Zhejiang Province

                In 2013, our e natural calcium carbonate for toothpaste was named "brand product of Jiande city"

                In 2014, Zhejiang Jiande Longhua Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. invested in Hunan province and founded Changning Beigaofeng Calcium Industry Co., Ltd.